Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thought experiment #1

I've copypasted this abstract from here. Interesting point of veiw to my mind.

"My friend Peter Voskamp sent me this thought experiment:
I was reading something today about the Russian incursion into Georgia last August and it got me to thinking: remember the almost universal outrage aimed at those murderous Russians, blamed for their disproportionate reaction in Georgia-- their over-the-top use of force.... Why, the Americans should've replied militarily...

Yes, the Russians did these things. But Georgia shelled-- SHELLED with heavy artillery! -- the capital of South Ossetia, killing heaven knows how many. And the Russians moved in, and were excoriated for their response.Now, compare that with Gaza, where overgrown bottle rockets are shot over the border like propelled Molotov cocktails. Lucky to hit or kill anyone (and this is not to say that it should absolutely not continue.....), but those Palestinians, they had it coming. They had to be taught a lesson. No comparison, you see; fraught with complexities..."

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