Wednesday, March 11, 2009

S Ossetia says Georgia masses up armour on border, Georgia denies

Georgia is massing up armoured fighting vehicles near the village of Grom, Tskhinval district of South Ossetia, a high-ranking official said.

The South Ossetian president's ombudsman David Sanakoyev said on Saturday he had been contacted by people living in the village on the Georgian border who were worried by the presence of the Georgian military on its outskirts.

"I immediately contacted the commanders of the units guarding the state border of South Ossetia in this area and they confirmed this information," the official said.

Sanakoyev also said that he had informed the European Union Observer Mission in Georgia. "One of its representatives, Mathias van Locheisen, promised to look into it and take all necessary measures in order to prevent tensions in the border-lying settlements," he said.
However the heads of the Georgian Interior Ministry's Information and Analytical department, Shota Utiashvili, denied this information and described it as "disinformation".

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