Friday, March 13, 2009

PACE will visit South Ossetia on March 13

Chairman of the Commission Council of European Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) on Migration, Refugees and Population Korean Yonker will arrive in Tskhinval on 13 -14 March. The South Ossetia Ombudsman David Sanakoev confirmed his intentions of discussing the problems of refugees redemption with Ms. Yonker.

Problems of refugees are really huge. The quantity of refugees reaches the point of several thousands. And there are not only refugees, who lost their houses in a five-day-war, but also those, who suffered in 1991-92 military conflict. Most of them live in North Ossetia. Experts admit that before speaking about refugees returning to South Ossetia, special social and material condition should be provided.

South Ossetian Government is preparing a special program of providing a complex solution of refugees problems. The Ministry of health and social development will provide a structured plan of actions soon.

During the negotiations with the EU representatives Mr. Sanakoev will bring up the questions of captured and lost citizens of South Ossetia. For example, the lost South Ossetian citizens Soltan Pliev, Alan Hugaev and Alan Hachirov were recently found in one of the Georgian prisons. And earlier the Georgian authorities claimed they know nothing about these people, including the Geneva negotiations.

Mr. Sanakoev hopes the Commissioner for Human Rights of Europe Tomas Hammarberg will participate in the process of prisoners’ release. The information about the imprisoned citizens was given to Mr. Hammarberg.

Yuriy Golov, Alexey Leonov,

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