Monday, March 16, 2009

Restoring Works Suspended due to Absence of financing

In South Ossetia restoring works on are suspended - the reason - absence of financing. 1, 5 billion roubles allocated by republic Russia have been spent, and funding from Moscow is stopped - ‘' reports.

"No recovery work is being conducted due to absence of financing today. ‘- The chairman of the State committee on realization of projects of restoration of South Ossetia Zurab Kabisov said and added - ‘Before New Year we have paid only advance payment of 30 % to all contractors. Further objects were not financed. Contractors have already spent advance payment and now they to run into debt of banks ".

According to the statement of Kabisov the resuming of restoring work depends on financing and remarked that Ministry of Finance and Regional Development of the Russian Federation is to meet the decision regarding this.

The prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin allocated for restoration of South Ossetia 10 Billion roubles - this figure has been fixed at the disposal of the governmental decree №1129-r from August, 11th, 2008. However now Moscow refuses to transfer uncontrolled remained 8, 5 billion and suggests creating special federal management at Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation.

Management creation corresponds to experience of restoration of the Chechen Republic. However, Tskhinvali protests against such a system of money controlling and reminds to Moscow that differing from Chechen Republic South Ossetia is an independent State and claims that only inter-states relation should be between Moscow and Tskhinvali.

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