Monday, March 23, 2009

Georgia used mercenaries: Russia

Mr Alexander Bastrikin, head of the investigative committee with the Russian prosecutor's general office has claimed that he has evidence that Georgia hired American, Ukrainian, Turkish and Czech mercenaries in the August conflict in South Ossetia.
"Today we have got irrefutable evidence that combatants of Ukrainian nationalist organisation UNA-UNSO were involved in these events", he said.

This fact is confirmed with private belongings, photo pictures, field uniform, note books of the combatants as well as the routine order dated June 27, 2008, issued by the Georgian ministry of interior settling small-arms on the commander of the UNA-UNSO unit.

Besides, Mr Bastrikin said that he cannot rule out the possibility of establishment of a special international court similar to The Hague tribunal to prosecute the persons who committed crimes against the people of South Ossetia.

"Probably after the investigation is accomplished, we will speak about establishment of a special court on the events in South Ossetia", he added. The investigation of the events in South Ossetia will be extended until April 2009, thereafter the materials will be handed over to the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation.

"After the investigation the materials will be handed over to the Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation, which will submit them to the world community", said the investigative committee head.


  1. The deceased victim list consists of 365 men. I suppose there was more people who died during the war. Why there is still no information about killed Georgians? Will it be published on your site?

  2. The information about deceased people was given by General Prosecutor office of South Ossetia. When we have new inforamation we'll surely post it.

    Regarding to the Georgians killed during the war - we don't have this information. Wikipedia gives a number from 356 to 3000 killed.

    Thank you.