Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Public health Ministry RD rendered humanitarian aid to South Ossetian hospitals

Within the framework of humanitarian assistance, the Public health Ministry of Dagestan has sent the car UAZ equipped with modern medical devices to the republic of South Ossetia.
As to Zarina Agmadova, the press secretary of the Ministry, K.Kurbanov, the director of Dagestan center of catastrophe medicine has been entrusted with the transportation of medical equipment to Tskhinval.

Besides, South Ossetia will receive diagnostic and medical apparatus, cardiographs "Aksion", devices of artificial pulmonary ventilation, etc. "All the equipment is intended for rendering acute care",- Zarina Agmadova concluded. Ossetian physicians will also use Dagestan physiotherapeutic and other equipment during the daily medical work.

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