Monday, January 19, 2009

Boris Grizlov Accuses Georgia of Non-Compliance with Medvedev-Sarkozy Truce

Speaker of Russian DUMA Boris Grizlov accuses Georgia of non-compliance with Medvedev-Sarkozy truce.Boris Grizlov made the following statement at the meeting with the delegation of EC of Parliamentary Assembly. RIA Novosti reports regarding this.

The session of EC Parliamentary Consultation Assembly will be held in Moscow today, where the issue of fulfillment of resolution of October adopted by the Russian Federation will be discussed. Last year in October the Assembly called Russia to abolish the decision of recognition of independence of Abkhazia and so called South Ossetia.According to the statement of Grizlov, Georgian side reinforces its forces on the vicinity of Abkhazia and South Ossetia which hinders maintaining stabilization in the regions. The sparker stressed that such a stance of Tbilisi determines accidents.

Grizlov express his surprise regarding blocking Russian channels in Georgia by Georgian side.

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