Thursday, February 12, 2009

European expert: Differences will become less important if both Serbia and Kosovo make progress with regards to their EU membership

"In spite the fact, that there is a lot of common ground within the EU but there are still some differences regarding the ultimate political status of Kosovo", said Dennis Sammut, LINKS Executive Director in an interview with a REGNUM correspondent on February, 11.

"These differences will become less important in the future if both Serbia and Kosovo make progress with regards to their EU membership", -stressed the expert. Sammut underlined, that the European Union is a community of sovereign states. There is a common European foreign and security policy, but within that policy there is scope for different countries to exercise their different positions. "Don't forget that whilst many EU countries are members of NATO, some like Ireland, Sweden, Austria and others are neutral", - said he.

According to the expert, from the experience of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, from the experience of North Cyprus and of Kosovo some lessons need to be learnt about how the international system operates and whether the models of the past fit the challenges of the future. "Within the wider discussion on European Security that I am sure will be taking place over the next decade these issues will figure prominently", - assumed Sammut.

It is worth mentioning, as REGNUM informed earlier, four EU member states- Greece, Spain, Slovakia and Romania refused to accept a resolution, calling upon the recognition of Kosovo, which was adopted by European Parliament on February, 5.

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